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Session introduction

Thank you for choosing me as an instrument for connecting with the people on the other side!


I love to communicate with the spirit world and it is my calling to serve people on both sides of the veil. Mediumship reading gives you evidence that your loved ones who have passed live on in non-physical form and continue to communicate with you. Mediumship reading allow those who have passed to communicate their messages and share the things they were unable to say while still in physical body. With spirit communication, my intention is to assist in healing, bring comfort and guidance, and leave you with an uplifting and inspiring experience.


Our loved ones across the veil love to communicate with us, they are very much present in our current daily lives and they have a broader perspective on our lives and through this broader perspective they can provide us guidance that is helpful. Mediumship is an intuitive art, and it is not meant to replace the guidance of any professionals like medical doctors for example.


I’m an evidential medium, meaning that I communicate with the people who have left their physical body and have crossed over to the other side. The term evidential medium means that during the communication with the spirit I present evidence that I could not get in any other way than through this connection with the other side and you as a receiver can validate this evidence. My mediumship teacher is Suzanne Giesemann, whose integrity and evidential mediumship principles I’m committed to follow.


I experience spirit communication through all my senses: seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing, smelling, also through emotions and I get knowing as well. During focusing and receiving information I often look away or close my eyes. It will be a bit of a puzzle as I receive each piece of information and you get to play detective with me as we fill in this puzzle together. It’s important that you know what the spirit is showing or talking about.


As far as feedback during the session, please let me know if you know what I’m talking about, or if something doesn’t make sense. Please just don’t feed me information or give anything away before I have given evidence that you can validate. Unless there is a burning desire to clarify something because you think it would improve the connection. And please offer your feedback naturally as we go along, so that we keep the flow of conversation going. During the session you can ask any questions at any time and please let me know if you feel uncomfortable in any way during this session.


All the information that I receive from the spirit world I have to interpret and it goes through my filters, so use your discernment and your truth barometer to determine what is true for you.  Please enjoy what speaks to your heart from this connection and set aside the rest. 


My role as a medium is to establish a connection with the spirit world, but I cannot demand who has to come through. If by the end of the session you didn’t hear from the person you were hoping, you may tell me and I can call on the specific person without a promise that I can connect with her or him. Fixating on what you wish or expect to hear during the session may leave you disappointed. Approaching mediumship with openness and child-like wonder help lay basis for astounding experiences.


Please have pen and paper ready for notes and you may record our session if you wish.


I like to start the reading with the invocation that Suzanne Giesemann uses and teaches. This invocation brings us into harmony and creates a good field for our mediumship session. Let’s take a moment to settle in.




And let’s both take three nice deep relaxing breaths in and out to your own count to release any tension or nervousness that we might be feeling and to become calm and relaxed and centered.

And let’s become aware of the heart connection between you and me and our soul families and let that energy flow freely between us,

and lets both send love and gratitude to everyone in our soul family, especially those who are standing by to talk to you today through me and deliver any messages and bring evidence for you,

and I ask our spirit guides to step in as well, and that’s the circle we are going to work in here today,

our intention is for the greatest healing and comfort and guidance,

so we thank the spirit world for cooperation, and for helping me be the clearest instrument for that communication. 

We fill this space with love and gratitude for the best possible experience for everybody involved and so it is.


Thank you and thank you everybody in the spirit world!

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