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Here is feedback I have received for my mediumship readings from fellow developing mediums I have exchanged readings with on VerySoul platform.

  • /…/ “Kairi was more connected with my brother than any medium has ever been and took me through the night that my brother passed, with more detail than I’d ever known. And then Kairi’s lights flickered when she was passing on my brother’s messages. Just WOW!!/…/ Thank you so much for all the beautiful messages from my brothers and Mom. You cleared up some questions about my brother’s passing that no one had ever found out in 45 years. Thank you, your reading was so healing.” /…/
  • “You connected with both my mum and partner, it was profoundly healing and the positive messages were just what I needed. Thanks so much, I learnt a lot!”
  • “You have an amazing gift. You do present in a professional manner I don’t think I would change a thing. You are a kind gentle soul. I am so happy you are in the world offering all of your gifts and helping people heal on so many levels. Blessings to you!”
  • “I really enjoyed that you took the time to explain everything in depth – and went the extra mile to make your reader feel comfortable. You have a very calm energy that immediately puts the reader at ease. I also loved how you were able to go through your steps, at your own pace to ensure a clear and evidence-based reading. Thank you Kairi.”
  • “Beautiful messages around my healing practices were very powerful and made me cry tears of joy. Thank you so much for that. It was such a joy working with you today. You are such a kind and warm person. You brought a beautiful energy to the reading. I enjoyed your heartfelt messages. They truly touched my heart. Thank you for the wonderful reading today.”
  • “You have a very warm and welcoming way about you that put’s people at ease. You also gave good evidence and I could understand the message- actually, it was quite timely.”
  • “You gave me beautiful, solid messages /…/. I felt uplifted and emotional (in a good way) during the reading. I forgot to tell you that my sister has never come through before so that was truly special and healing. Thank you for connecting with my loved ones!”
  • “Not only you brought some meaningful evidence, but you were able to touch some aspects related to my life and my mediumship journey. I could feel you were the voice of my grandmother as she is very much involved in my mediumship as well as the way I dress ! 🙂 Everything you said resonated with me. Your energy is beautiful when you start reading, it feels like watching an artist painting. Thank you so much for this lovely time.”
  • “Such clear connection with my beautiful mom! Plenty of evidence, toes and filled pasta are golden nuggets. Wonderful. You have such a sweet loving way to connect with spirit, I love it! Thank you so much for one of the sweetest readings I had!”
  • “Thank you for that beautiful reading that gave me indeed a lot of positive energy today. Thank you also for your message regarding the little boy that will be born soon! You have a gentle and loving energy and way of doing your mediumship. Keep it up and hope to work with you again.”
  • “I love that you said what you received, because, even though you didn’t know or understand everything that she was saying, I did. Thank you so much, that was such a lovely and a beautiful exchange of energy and information. Thank you so much!”
  • “Kairi was able to give the name of the communicator. Thank you, you brought through a wealth of information and beautiful messages.”
  • It is beautiful to watch you work, some images that you describe are poetic and inspiring /…/. You connect well with my father, I could feel his presence and enjoyed his messages. Thank you so much, would love to practice again. 
  • “Kairi brought my great grandmother whom I knew quite well. As soon as she described her physical appearance and her personality, I recognized her. Kairi brought 2 strong evidences: her hair which were special (as she used to dye them in red) and the fact that my uncle had surgery on his skull. Kairi you always bring upliftment and joy when you give a reading. It’s beautiful to watch you as you make use of all your senses and it’s like watching an artist. I am very grateful that you brought my great grandmother as she never comes. It’s always a real pleasure to practice with you. Just carry on like that, you bring so much beauty within your mediumship.”
  • “You did a great job at sticking with spirit and bringing forth evidence! You stayed with each thing my mom gave you even if you weren’t sure what it meant right away. Her death is also pretty tricky and you did great with what she gave you. It was lovely to meet you and sit with your kind, calm energy for an hour.”
  • “Kairi brought forth my friend /…/ from middle and high school whom I always enjoy talking to as he doesn’t come through that often. She was correct that there is a connection with a tattoo, that there’s something funny about his hair, that he had a goofy energy, that he was a smoker, that he was artistic, was very impressed that she got the specific manner of death /…/. All of the personal messages were pertinent as well! I was impressed that you were able to get the manner of death with zero context. I enjoyed working with you and your kind, patient, yet confident and powerful energy. You were in the flow for sure.”
  • “I immediately recognized the communicator: died young, we were very close, lots of love between us, had a vintage car, loved music associated with the car (he had a “car tunes” playlist), enjoyed my cooking, loved dogs, we had so much fun together, etc. This was an exceptional world class reading. You are wonderful, not only in the evidence and messages but also how you genuinely care for your sitters. /…/The message about the relationship that didn’t work out with a recent guy really hit home. I’d been wondering if I had made up his interest in me and the confirmation that he led me to believe something was there is great to know. Thank you!”
  • “Bravo!, I felt as if my grandmother was sitting right along side of us. You provided valid evidence, a beautiful invocation and a safe place to receive.”
  • “My mother’s relationship with me was described and provided evidence of the relationship with my brother, his appearance and his manner. My father also presented himself and you described his manner toward me. It was very significant when you shared the image of the closed door and the relevance to the family. Well done! You provide a very comprehensive and sincere introduction… more so than any other that I’ve received. Thank you for the delightful healing energy and the communication with my parents.”
  • “You read with true sensitivity about the subtleties in my mother’s relationship with me growing up and her remorse for not relating to who I was as an individual – different from her. Lovely details of early life memories. Thank you!”
  • ” I so appreciate that you brought through my dear friend and channel her energy so well that I feel her with me the whole time! That’s great comfort you give to ease my grief. Thank you so much with love!”
  • “My father-in-law’s middle name was /…/. That was the “goosebump” moment for me — I had completely forgotten that that was his middle name, then I thought I had to be misremembering. But that was his middle name! Of course, that was just one piece of so much more accurate information. Kairi’s flow of evidence was quick (not too quick) and accurate. It was amazing to witness and be a part of. I immediately felt at ease, and I felt like I was being gently guided through the session; there were no starts-and-stops, there was no uncomfortable silence – actually I do not recall any empty space. I’m hoping our paths cross again soon.”
  • “Starting by identifying my mother-in-law was pretty awesome. /…/ Ending the reading with her name was extrordinary /…/!

As of January 20, 2024, I have given over 70 readings on VerySoul platform and about 30 during Suzanne Giesemann’s mediumship classes. Not all readings are five star readings, but overall I’m astonished by my mediumship abilities. I wish that people who feel drawn to mediumship try it out themselves and find a good teacher, like Suzanne Giesemann, to learn how to do it.  I’m humbled and grateful beyond measure by the grace of the Spirit World and feedback that fellow mediums have given me. Thank you all!


With love,


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